Mobile App Instructions

Mobile App Instructions

You must have internet banking in order to use the mobile app.

Please check with customer service at 256-845-1077 to verify your phone number.

               Customer service needs to be able to contact you if a check deposit is rejected.

Open the Play Store for Android Devices or the App Store for Apple Devices.

Search for the word bankffb.

Look for the blue First Fidelity logo.

Select the app and download it.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions to use the app.

Your internet banking user user id and password will work for the mobile app.

The mobile app will be updated periodically.  You will need to download it

           again and accept the terms and conditions to continue using the mobile app.

If you use mobile deposit, please note the following hints:

           Make sure you put the check on a dark, well lit background.

           The app will tell you to get closer but don’t get so close that the check is not entirely within the picture box.

           The picture will be taken automatically.

           Make sure you endorse any checks properly and include “For Remote Capture Deposit Only” in the endorsement.

Contact customer service at 256-845-1077 if you have any questions.